~ Never Alone ~

A friend, a partner,
a father or mother.
A daughter.
Who can say we must stay to know?

We love, we hurt,
we share, we claim.
Who can call
all that and yet,
not blow the love of one or all?

Shall we take credit?
Shall we need to say or show, or just know?
And who can have an answer
to all this or another?

No One, but myself
will know.
I love without reason,
without request;
my friend, my partner,
my parent and the uncount,
my daughter,
without knowing any amount.

Days have passed
by it, and will go on spend.
The life of many have been cast
and still, to it no end.

By myself, I am never the only.
My loved ones are always with me,
so how could it be?
I may be sad though sometimes,
but never lonely
knowing by my heart,
there, they will always be.

And so I have no question.
No fear of the time plane,
neither doubt, nor sorrow,
only joy. And come tomorrow,
this day will be the same.

Written and © by  "Norbert Harms"  2016


~ Spring ~

It’s the blossom
of a sprout.
when the nightfall
surrendered to sunshine
the moment you were born.

A son, who
I never will know.
A son,
who will never know his father.

Life has torn us apart,
ditched us into the sand.
But your father’s love
never left you.
That, no one can demand.
No one can take it from you.

So you will find your life
be challenged in time,
and again, and -
without the touch of your father
calming your anger,
soothing your pain.

I shall have never left,
but so, did I ever?
Though I know,
a childhood without a father beside,
is like a wild, rogue ride
into the future without a sight.

Be not afraid, son.
Your strength and your father’s love
always will form a universal bond
and guide you, and lead you
through whatever tough,
life will present you with.

I will always feel
your breath on my cheek,
in your eyes I see your smile,
hear your heartbeat over
thousands of miles.
It is you,
my dear son
who makes me so proud
of you!

Written and © by  "Norbert Harms"  2016


~ One Moment ~

We’d lost,
so we’ll loose, again.
We’d won,
so we’ll win again.
Yet never is the lost ever lost,
never the won granted forever!

The we must know
for what it is to the good,
to count a lost won back,
and the found never lost.
As life will never tell nor show.

Life isn’t what we think
to know it as be, and to the end,
or perhaps perceive it as we feel.
Life doesn’t take,
life does not give.
Live can only hint
us to embrace the moment.

As for the moment
can just end in another moment.
And then,
where shall we win that moment,
back, again?

For a go or start,
life does not stop a moment,
nor stop for it, ever.
But we can make a moment
to last forever,
if we hold that moment in our heart.

Written and © by  "Norbert Harms"  2016


~ No Less ~

Life - is a sail,
one other’s bail,
a trail on walk,
coy need for much talk.

When it arrives
it aims and strives,
for long it will always,
some times thereof
it may deem an abyss.

Question truth,
and follow faith,
Listen, hear its beautiful music.
Let it ease sore days

Never at arrive and joy
we carry on towards its end.
Without surge or dive,
we always follow its walk
as we lend and strive -
our heart, to spread life.

If joy life would mean an encouraging scent,
I’d send you a rose garden.
But if sadness threatens to drown your heart
I will drain the ocean.

Life is forgiveness.
Life dose not take.
Life will always
challenge us to live on
and bless;
every day, every minute, every second
till the end and beyond.
No less.

Written and © by  "Norbert Harms"  2016


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