Leadership skill is a leadership killer

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Leadership vs Soft Skill

Smart marketeers will confuse you so much, that you’ll beg them to take your money.

"Leadership Vs Soft Skill" is like; "Buyer Vs Seller". Because most of us are being left confused by the "leadership industry", we consequently accept being sold another camouflaged leadership skill. Yet, we are still far away from developing our leadership values so that we can make a positive impact on people around us.

A carpenter has skills, does this make him a leader? A sales person applies certain (soft)skills to get the sale, does this make him an emotional intelligent leader" Harry acquired a diploma in leadership, in fact, 3 diplomas and 5 degrees from leading education institutes, does this make him an emotional intelligent leader? Alice holds a CEO position, with 25 years experience in the industry, does this make her a "Leader"?

Many of you boast skills which you'd acquired, somehow sometime and over the years, and some of you will keep sharpening them as you go on to age. The naked truth is, and perhaps you got my point already; all these skills may make you a great crafts person, but they certainly won’t make you a leader!


If you seek to acquire more soft skills, great, do it, but
if you’re interested to grow as a leader, then you need to dig deep inside you.


Allow me to elaborate;
Let’s say you wish to learn how to best handle your car in critical traffic circumstances. You’d need to find some courses that teach you, e.g., how to; know your car’s limits, estimate speed, understand your car’s performance on different road surfaces, turn your car a 180° without rolling it over, etc., etc. Agreed?

On the other hand, if you’d want to; grow as a responsible driver and thus, avoid calling critical traffic situations, then you’d need to learn how to gauge other drivers behaviour, stay calm and don’t let other drivers provoke you, drive accountable not arrogant, don't use your driving skills as a show-off, etc., etc. Agreed, too?


"Emotional Intelligent Leaders don't use skills, they add value to people by managing emotions."


If you understand and manage emotions well, you don’t need to "manage people".

In fact, managing people becomes a task of old, ruler times. BTW -If you want to know and learn more about leadership, then why not put your name down, and receive my free leadership coaching?


Emotional Intelligence make us great leaders

Emotions make us human, without emotions, we are machines!

Emotions are, next to our brain, the most complex. yet most neglected but also most important directive of humanity and (with indistinct frequency), the key holder of the; ’I don’t want to hear, I don’t know, I don’t need You to tell me’ syndrome, which, either applied consistently or not, pretty much act as sole contributors in having you; either slide down the "reject-ditch", or get out of the mud. It all depends on how classically you (mis-)manage this sublime power "emotional intelligence". That may sound complicated, but
the good News is:

Emotions are an integer and as such do not discriminate. Hence, they equal the same value, weight, importance, etc., for everybody, while not taking on any value of; titles, statuses, power, etc.

All you need to learn is to; embrace the 4 pillars of an emotionally intelligent leader:

  • sense emotions
  • control emotions
  • perceive emotions
  • influence emotions



Just take a minute timeout. Watch a short video of my mentor who I am with now for over 20 years. Perhaps it all makes more sense to you, then.

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