Calculate your EmiLe Probability

So you have arrived! You are one of the more scientific oriented curious, huh.
That's OK, I love science, too. For you, I'd worked hard and for a long time, to figure out the formula which allows you to, pretty fair, determine your likeliness of developing your emotional intelligence. There are, however, some irreplaceable rules you need to know, understand and apply. Whether you do it or not, is entirely up to you, but will determine what kind of leader or tyrant you choose to develop inside you.



You may discover things which you may likely less agree to, or even try to cheat on. Know, however, this tool is For you, not Against you. The more honest you are, the closer you get to snapping a chance on developing your leadership values to make a positive impact on yourself, and people around you. I do not take any responsibility for any conclusions or consequences make up for yourself upon using my online EmiLe emotional intelligence calculator!

How to use the calculator?

First, you need to replace the attribute names with numbers, by applying specific ± values according to their weight-rules.

Second, calculate the 2 parts of the equation separately.

Third, sum up your 2 results

Fourth, send me your total. You'll receive my personal evaluation and suggestion within 47:59:59 hours.

Below you will find all instructions you need. Don't think, just be honest with yourself. Simple!

Attributes Vs. Number

Remember, the emotional intelligence probability calculation consist of 2 parts

Part One [1] implies the attributes;
"Perception, Attitude, Ego"

Part One [2] implies the attributes;
"Appreciation, Ego, SelfControl, Compassion, Action"


Each of those attributes you need to replace with values ranging between 1-10 taking into account their following ±-rules:

  1. ±-rule 1
  2. ±-rule 2
  3. ±-rule 2


  1. ±-rule 1
  2. ±-rule 2
  3. ±-rule 1
  4. ±-rule 2
  5. ±-rule 1


And the rules are?

  1. 10 = (best, most likely, true) | 1 = (least, very unlikely, false)
  2. 1 = (best, most likely, true) | 10 = (least, very unlikely, false)

Start Calculating your EmiLe Probability

Having trouble? Find it too difficult? Confused?

Easy. Just add Your number to each attribute and send me your list. I will do the calculation for you.

Are you ready to calculate your EmiLe Probability?

Here is the formula, again.

what is EmiLe? Formula!


thank you for your calculator



For the first part calculation you need to input:

replace attribute words with the values from your list!


For the second part calculation you need to input:

replace attribute words with the values from your list!

Your emotional intelligence Probability quotient?

Did you sum up your two [2] emotional intelligence probability results?

Then all there is left for you to do is;

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