What is EmiLe?

Our NSW/Australia Chief of education (at time of this writing in 23 March 2017) would repeat; "Education is much more than rock-science." I say; "Lucky you, EmiLe has nothing to do with education" (ouch!). Otherwise, you would hardly be able to afford EmiLe, because our government or any other rock-science-rhetoric-smart education marketing-guru would pick up EmiLe as "Their's" and sell it to you as another certification/licensing program with a mega price tag attached to. (I&rsqou;m almost certain they will anyway.
There sure must be some really good money in that word new buzz word for them.). Anyhow, the original, "My EmiLe" doesn't equate to Australia's education principles and as such, is deemed to fit everybody, and I mean — Everybody!

EI = perception - attitudeego + appreciation × -ego + self-control2 compassion 2 + action

That said, be warned though; I am neither certified, nor accredited or licensed by our good government. I only apply long forgotten, common sense and my decades of experience working with people at all levels, from teens to CEOs.

If your mind is open and ready to see the world as the world we live in as in; Living Together, well then, congratulations. You're free to decide by yourself. You won"t need to get an approval by any oversight agency to use your own brain! You better grab hold of that unique opportunity. Who knows what law hits us tomorrow that will prevent us from doing so the day after!


what is EmiLe? Formula!


EmiLe is much more simpler and - EmiLe is for everybody. Yes, everybody. Even for you, and you, too!

So what really is EmiLe?

EmiLe is my personal brand and simply stands for

"emotional intelligent leader"

EmiLe is my sui generis approach in developing and coaching leaders. Addressing a huge spectra of candidates (age ranging from 0 - ~), EmiLe translates to; ’your ultimate empowering tool and guide for developing leadership values, buried deep within yourself’.

Hidden hereunder lies the distinct leadership development factor, which EmiLe utilises to set itself apart from any form of leadership "(skills) training". In fact, I disapprove the terms ’training and leadership skills’ outright!

Training leadership is as absurd as somebody claiming to be able to train a toddler acting as an adult. Leaders aren’t manufactred just like that. Neither are people leaders because they'd learnt how to "Mimic" a few skills (see below), or because of their status, rank or position and regardless to all the expensive certificates/diplomas/degrees they'd been sold. Latter speaks for itself, being the reason why the world is "decorate" with leaders, yet, leadership is still not at present.

Leaders evolve through developing and continuously growing their "leadership values".


The poorest value of any leader is claiming leadership!

If you’re confused now over any difference between leadership skills and leadership values, it is safe to say and for you to know; ’there are none, because the former simply doesn’t exist. This was simply manufactured up by the training world to capitalise on your ignorance.
More to that on this page.

Why EmiLe?

Just look around you. From "Private Training Companies to Universities", they all had smelled, and grabbed the buck-buzz on emotional intelligence leadership and turned it into a profitable scare-marketing-frenzy.

What formerly was the decades ruling IQ which determined your Leader (dis-)qualification level (rolled onto you by our competent psychologists), has now grown into a multi billion dollars’EI Training Industry’. Until recent years, nobody even wanted to talk about EI because it was considered the "ongoing dreaming of the dreaming philosopher dreamers". The same professionals, now, sell you the "Needed Leadership Skills". Almost pathetic.

But if there's money to be made, everything changes. And EI had promissed a lof of money! Thus now, to snatch a chance to "officially" being allowed a leader, you need to certify your leadership through diplomas, degrees. The dumbing down process had just picked up more speed.

EmiLe doesn’t sell you out this way. As Albert said it long time ago; "The led must not be compelled; they must be able to choose their own leader". That is, what I allow you to do, by growing yourself through EmiLe!"

This may not make sense to you, yet, but it will.

"Growing a leader, people will choose to follow you, not because they are (being made) somehow intimidated, but because you placed value into these people."

EmiLe tackles simple, yet essential fundamentals, which will become indispensable for your leadership development. "EmiLe will take you on a voyage of discovering your leadership values!"

Me, EmiLe and I

It’s just a no-brainer for anyone.
First you look at yourself. Then you develop yourself.

Then you grow your leadership values to influence a positive impact as a leader.

I know this is quite deep, but only for a short period of time, trust me.

With EmiLe at your side and as your coach, you will learn to understand, embrace and manage your intro-; as well as extro-emotions within a short time.


After you join me and EmiLe, you will experience a completely new approach in Leadership Development. And to assist you propel your leadership development, I don’t discriminate tailored courses; positions or titles, parent or child, gender, age, race or any cultural labelling. There is a hidden leader in all of us, and

’Everybody has the potential to thaw those hidden leadership qualities, raise them to the surface, and develop the buried leader within themselves, You, too!’

Motivation and Keynote Speaking

"Pursue Change, by starting to think different. Achieve Change, by doing things different"

Not just my Quotation, but my Conviction.
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