picture yourself

It’s no joke, I literally mean it.

Look at your inside-out and ask yourself: "Would I follow you?" What comes next, is perhaps the ugliest part of your journey in developing your leadership and no silver plate to sit on, not for anybody.

Ready to step on and bring out that Leader within you?

» Picture Yourself

gauge yourself

Oh...kay. Now that you'd pictured yourself, it's time to get to work on yourself.

Bad news: "Titles, Positions, Statuses, Degrees, Bank Accounts, etc.," won’t help you.You are alone with yourself.

Good news: You are not alone!

» Gauge Yourself

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Congratulations, you made it that far!
You’re now ready to grow your understanding and appreciation of others.

Your willingness to place others in front of you will determine your leadership value and the value you place in others. The more value, the more willing followers.

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  Leadership Alert  

I’m not trying to flog you another degree. Chances are, you’ve got already a half a dozen of it.
But despite - you still don’t have "Leadership".
And that’s what I coach you to do. Nothing more!

What I do for you





Design your next conference, function or meeting with an impact statement, by adding a creative, inspiring keynote to it.


The art of keeping motivation alive is the key to true satisfaction & success. Apply my EMILE motivation technique and stay motivated.


Another's Break is the other's Make. The fine line in between the two life rivals is the level of your self-tune. Find it, fix it, honour it.





True leaders always go an extra mile, influencing followers on their way, continue seeking new challenges. This 101 is your support to achieve.


Escapade the EMILE Leader eclipse and grow to new highs. EMILE workshops are designed forGroups* of leaders.


EmilLe is not just for companies in trouble but peculiarly for companies at the top, to maintain its position. Perfect timing, balanced action.





Uniting the spirits of our Youth to foster; trust, belief and courage for each other and themselves.


Experience the transformation from being a good parent into a great parent by being a leader parent!

High Impact

It takes so little effort to leave a positive, high impact on people around you, almost none. Try it!

My Poetry

Writing was always a silent passion of mine. Here you get to read some of my very special poems. Check them out and don’t forget to like them, should you like’m.

We'd lost,
so we'll loose, again.
We'd won,
so we'll win again.
Yet never is the lost ever lost,
never the won granted forever!


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~ One Moment ~

not for sale

Days have passed
by it, and will go on spend.
The life of many have been cast
and still, to it no end.

By myself, I am never the only.
My loved ones are always with me,
so how could it be?


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~ Never Alone ~

not for sale

for long it will always,
some times thereof
it may deem an abyss.

Question truth,
and follow faith


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~ No Less ~

not for sale

Be not afraid, dear son.
Your strength and your father’s love
always will find a universal bond
and guide you, and lead you
through whatever tough,
life will present you with.


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~ Father Love ~

not for sale

When I am lost,
you take me home.
Let me forget all struggle and pain
You give me hope and strength again

You, my dream,
will break the chain


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~ Dream ~

not for sale

Norbert Harms famous quotes


" A wise man accepts defeat,
a fool accepts to defeat "


" Love does not request, love provides "


" it doesn't matter, if you're on a dirt road,
just follow it,
you'll hit some asphalt again "


" A leader has no ego, but is followed by many egos,
who get smaller, and smaller, and disappear"

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